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Video Post Sat, Dec. 24, 2011 15 notes

This Holiday season I have been a bit out of it. I just haven’t caught the bug to decorate, run through the mall, sing carols in the car…It hasn’t had it’s normal jolly appeal. My mood certainly took a turn when I heard I would be seeing my younger sister for the first time since she returned from her tour in Afghanistan. But I think the real improvement came from doing my last minute Christmas shopping with my Mom.

Christmas has lost it’s spirit in many ways. Huge consumer pushes, commercials, ads, BUY BUY BUY! What is this Holiday really about? For some it is spiritual, family and maybe just some time off work. One thing is for sure, the corporate brand of Christmas has become bigger than the meaning itself. 

What is most important about this Holiday for you? Whatever that is, enjoy it tomorrow. Remember your meaning and embrace it. Most of all, take the time tomorrow to count the many blessings you have. I know that I will.